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  We at Universal, fully understand that technology has to keep pace and be in complete consonance with the competitive strategies of our clients and businesses we service.

In tune with this principle, we have worked closely with our clients in understanding their business processes and the challenges they face in the data driven information age.

Deriving business intelligence from business data is an enormous challenge which our clients face. By developing custom made solutions for each industry we have helped our clients reap the fullest rewards of next generation software technologies.

Our team of business strategy consultants generate new data structures that match the demands of business plans with a set of the latest information tools.

Universal's core team has worked closely with technology management teams in leading consulting companies in the USA. Our team of core software specialists have gained invaluable experience in the design of new models of data driven business strategies in major telecom, finance and banking companies in USA

Universal started highend IT training & career development programme.
Universal plans to start "partners in progress" programme for the independant IT professionals.
Universal crystallizes plans to set up a Sate-of-the-Art development facility in India  


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