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  We extend our proven on-site project management expertise of our consultants for a few clients thru off-site software development and programming in our ‘Talent Center’, located in Stamford, Connecticut.

We undertake projects for custom development and quickly put together talent and infrastructure on the scale and magnitude as demanded by the assignment.

This ‘Talent Center’ is supported by a 24 X 7 ‘Knowledge Center’ in Central India.

The ‘Knowledge Center’ is staffed with programmer analysts and project managers who are drawn from the best of software majors from all over the world.

This synergy from the ‘Talent Center’ and the ‘Knowledge Center’ creates benefits in time and project execution and helps our clients draw upon a variety of technology skillsets. Our centers are fully networked thru satellite link and have the latest in hardware and software applications.

Universal started highend IT training & career development programme.
Universal plans to start "partners in progress" programme for the independant IT professionals.
Universal crystallizes plans to set up a Sate-of-the-Art development facility in India  


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