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  Universal's consultant profile is one that of an individual who has understood technology and practised technology. And, we ensure that our consultants have strong expertise in the practice of technology from the dimension of design, development, production and trouble shooting.

Consultants of Universal are people who have worked on large mission critical projects of multi-billion dollar companies.

They put their diligently acquired skills and expertise to the best use of our clients and projects and help in minimizing implementation time, downtime or plan time thereby making project management highly efficient.

With our reach in USA and access to top notch talent from the large corporations in India, UK, Dubai, Australia and Singapore, Universal has in the minimum possible time and effort brought talent that the projects were in much need of.

Universal started highend IT training & career development programme.
Universal plans to start "partners in progress" programme for the independant IT professionals.
Universal crystallizes plans to set up a Sate-of-the-Art development facility in India  


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